Boiler type



nominal power in KW






pieced wood



sawdust, wood chips, fragmented biomass



wood pellet






fine coal


other fuels (briquette, lignite etc.)

ALFA 100-1000       X X X  
BETA 20-75         X X  
BIO-PAL M 40-3000 X X         X
70-95   X         X
GK-... 95-950   X X X X   X
GK-...M 95-950   X X X X   X
GK-...M-1 140-2000   X X X X   X
KW-GR I 12-75   X       X  
KW-GR II 110-380   X       X  
UKS 12-380   X       X X


In our offer you can find the most effective water boilers fired with fine coal. These are the devices, which will allow effective heating of different kind of buildings. Available in our offer biomass boilers can be used in public buildings, industrial buildings or family houses.

We offer you the devices with different powers and destiny. They stand out with reliable construction and mechanisms, that facilitate their effective use. Our eco pea boiler enjoys high popularity. We make every effort to ensure that our offer includes only the highest quality equipment, from which each and every Customer will be content. Our products are equipped in suitable controllers, which enable to controll the work of heating system and regulation of the temperature.

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