About the company

On the market district heating we act continuously since 1990.
 We were the first company that introduced boilers designed to biomass firing to its offer and in big scope we contributed to developing of research methodology for those devices. Years of researches and getting knowledge allowed us to gain great experience in the scope of using atypical biomass for heating purpose.

We cooperate with many companies from Poland and from abroad, exchanging experiences and knowledge. We have a qualified team of engineers.

Especially we put big impact on the quality of offered products and services. We can guarantee that the devices offered by our company are ecologic and economic – they give measurable benefits to our customers.

In our offer we have wide variety of devices fired with biomass, but also with fine coal and coal. We specialize also in the manufacturing of hot air generators designed for dryers - both existing and new built. We make investments cross the country and in Europe, and we have references from completed tasks.

Korzkwy 30 B
63-300 Pleszew